Furling Bag

Sat 25 April 2015
By Derek McTavish Mounce

A while back, I saw a post on Everyday Carry that really intrigued me. That orange bag that's rolled out -- what is that? It looks brilliant.

After some digging around on the Internet, I finally found that it was a prototype and got in touch with the creators. They were quite friendly, and as it turns out, headed to Kickstarter before too long.

That day has happened. I'm here to present the Furling Bag:

Yet again, I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea. I've pledged to the project, and I absolutely can't wait to get my two bags. I have no doubt that they'll fit right at home in my trailer, and yes, there will be pictures when that happens.

The founders have been kind enough to share my blog on their social media ond their Kickstarter, and I wanted to return the favour.

So go! Go support a really cool project!

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